I’m a Star!


We always remind our students that breathing is our superpower! Our breath is one part of our autonomic nervous system that we can control and the benefits of intentional breath work truly makes it a superpower. Of all the benefits, we emphasize how we can use our breath to help…

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Pokko and the Drum

Book Title: Pokko and the DrumAuthor & Illustrator: Matthew Forsythe It only took the first line to pull me into the rest of this book, “The biggest mistake Pokko’s parents ever made was giving her a drum.” What parent doesn’t relate to this experience? I never bought a drum, but…

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Make Time for Play Kids Yoga & Llama Art

To close out our week of self-care concepts, we led a class that was completely focused on letting go of our worries and just having some silly fun. Play is so important for children and adults. Not only does it offer some great stress relief, but it also gives us…

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