I’m a Star!

We always remind our students that breathing is our superpower! Our breath is one part of our autonomic nervous system that we can control and the benefits of intentional breath work truly makes it a superpower. Of all the benefits, we emphasize how we can use our breath to help us deal with big emotions. Let’s practice some star breathing!


  • blank paper or printed star template
  • coloring tools
  • pencil

Draw a Calming Star

First draw a star, trying to cover most of your piece of paper. Or, print our star breath template. Once you have your start, add calming designs and colors. Help your little ones pick colors for their stars by asking them how different colors make them feel. Or what feelings/emotions do different colors remind them of? You can play with shapes and doodles too. What designs are more calming? What designs make you feel excited? After designing your star, you’re ready to practice some star breaths!

Star Breaths

It’s always great to include something to see or touch while having children practice their breathing. We’re going to use our calming stars to help us today. Find the top point of your star and place your finger at the bottom of the line leading up to that point. Inhale as you trace your finger up to the point of the star. Exhale and trace down the other side of the point. Continue to trace as you breathe in and out until you complete the star. When you’ve finished, say to yourself, “I am a star!”