Make Time for Play Class Plan


An important part of self-care for kids is being silly! It’s important to give ourselves time to play (adults too!) and have fun because it helps refresh our minds, relieve stress, problem solve, and inspires creativity. We use the book, This is a Serious Book, to guide our yoga practice through lots of serious and fun poses. We also play 3 different yoga games! This lesson plan includes poses for pages in the book, instructions for games, and a template and instructions for our silly llama marshmallow painting!

Our 8 page yoga lesson plan includes everything you’d need to teach a 60 minute yoga & art class using this theme, minus the props & art supplies.

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All of our plans include a break the ice topic, warm-up, yoga/mindfulness game, yoga flow story & pose illustrations, breathing exercise, guided relaxation, and related art/craft project.