Star Wars Yoga Week 1

Wookie Yoga!

The philosophical elements of Star Wars makes it a perfect fit for a kids yoga class theme! We’ve got the struggle between good and evil, the Jedi code, and the Force, an energy field created by all living things, binding us together. So we’ve decided to use Star Wars as our inspiration for a full month! During week 1 we learned all about the Wookies and how things aren’t always the way they seem on the outside. Just looking at the Wookie, you’d assume they’re something to be scared of, but these tall, furry, super strong creatures are in reality sophisticated, smart, and super loyal friends.

Our yoga poses focused on building confidence & strength. First we got into our warrior poses…

…and then we flexed our arms to show off our muscles as we said out loud, “I am strong!”

Although we are strong, we can work hard and become even stronger! So next, we did some plank variations. We started in plank, then moved to side plank. Those of us that were ready for a challenge, lifted our top legs and held our balance for 3 breaths! Most kids love a yoga challenge!

We joined together to connect and build strength with our friends by making ourselves into a forest. Have everyone stand in a circle, holding hands, arms outstretched. Once we were in our spots, we lifted one foot up against our other leg to get into our tree poses. We felt our feet spreading roots into the floor. We felt the energy transferring among our branches as we helped each other hold strong and steady.

Our full class plan including our entire yoga flow, a mindfulness game, and another fun group pose will be available in our shop soon!

Wookie Habitat Art Project

We were inspired by the Chewbacca Paint Stick project shared by Crafts by Amanda. We scaled it down a bit and added an art piece in which we designed our own alien forest habitat for our Wookies. Our students had the option of making their Wookies a part of their art or leaving it a separate piece so they could use it as a puppet. Full instructions will be available in our class plan. Check back later for 3 more Star Wars themed classes!